Integrity Property Management Group Services

Integrity Property Management performs in excellence to handle any and every need to keep your investments in excellent condition. Our team works around the clock so you don’t have to and all you have to do is enjoy the results of having used our services. Please see the full extent of our services below.

Rent Collection
IPM collects your rent and sends the funds to you via mail or transfer. You will never have to worry about collecting your rent because we do it for you.

Certified Home Inspections
Our certified home inspectors have years of knowledge and experience to insure your property is up to code and hazard free. We schedule your inspections, walk through with the inspector and perform all maintenance necessary to make sure every inspection is passed!

Licensed Contracting for major & minor maintenance 
We have a dedicated team of licensed contractors that will do everything from generate initial estimates to taking on a project of any size and working until its completion. Our work is guaranteed and our goal is to make sure that your project is done right and completed in a time fashion.

Complete Rehabs (if needed)
Another service we specialize in is facilitating complete rehabs for investors wanting to remodel their properties. We work with all sorts of projects from complete shells to minor touch ups and cosmetics. Contact us for an estimate on your project.

One of the essential elements that keeps a property attractive for renters is its landscape! Let IPM handle your landscape servicing and you can rest assure that you’ll have one attractive property. We take your landscaping serious as if it’s our own property so you can rest easy.

You don’t want any unwanted visitors in your properties and neither do we. Let us handle getting rid of the pesky pests so you can focus on more important things. Just as unexpected as pests can be we make sure that we’re always prepared to evict them!

Tenant Screening
Picking the wrong tenant is a sure fire way to screw up your investment. We believe that tenant screening means everything to insure rental income and future of your property. We perform credit checks, background checks, income, previous rental history, reference checks and inspections of prospective tenant’s current living situation. We make sure all “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” are crossed.

There is no guarantee that everything will always go right in dealing with renters and so as an investor you must always be prepared for the eviction process. We make this process easy so you don’t have to assume the work load of getting someone out of your property and someone else in. Let us handle it for you so that you keep moving forward as an investor.

Certified Lead/Paint Contractor
Homes built before 1978 may contain lead based paint and can therefore be hazardous. This is an issue to take seriously as the city does so use our certified lead contractors to inspect your homes and make sure that they are free of lead. It will save time, money and headaches in the future.

Bill Pay
Don’t like paying utility bills? IPM can handle that process for you too. We know you’re busy and as effortless as bills seem, you just may forget. However, we don’t! We will make sure your bills our paid and your investments keep running smoothly.